Join us for a GRESB Inside ESG webinar "Going beyond climate: Biodiversity in focus" which explores the evolving landscape of sustainability metrics and the market opportunities beyond traditional climate concerns. This event is essential for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving sustainability landscape.

The webinar highlights GRESB’s future-focused vision for advanced data collection and insights, expanding from TCFD metrics to broader climate-related issues. Leading experts will provide valuable insights into the role of biodiversity and its critical role in sustainable development.

During a conversation with industry leaders, attendees will hear real-world perspectives on navigating corporate challenges and daily operations and uncover significant value creation opportunities that biodiversity presents beyond its natural benefits.

The webinar is a must-attend for sustainability professionals and market participants looking to enhance their knowledge and adapt to the trends and challenges in the industry. Join us for the opportunity to gain critical insights and stay ahead in the sustainability landscape.


This event was originally held on July 2, 2024. To access the webinar recording, please register via the button below.